Leather sofa care – your essential guide

Leather sofas are a hugely popular choice in modern homes, mainly because of the luxurious look and exquisite feel of the material. If properly looked after, leather upholstery can last for many years too.

If you have a leather sofa, here are the essential tips you need to know about looking after it:

1. Call in the professionals for sensitive, thorough cleaning. Once a year (or more frequently, depending on whether you have a pale-coloured sofa or not), call in our professional sofa cleaners Manchester to thoroughly clean your sofa. We have the right products, equipment and expertise to clean every inch of your leather sofa, but without damaging it (which might happen if you tackle the job yourself).

2. Remove dust and hair from the sofa with a soft, dry, clean cloth, and vacuum round the crevices using your vacuum’s hose attachment.

3. Clean up spills right away. If you leave them, they may permanently stain the material.

4. Use leather conditioner regularly to nourish the material and keep it looking its best.

5. Never soak leather in water, and only use cleaning products that are designed for leather sofas.

If you have any questions about leather sofa care, our expert upholstery and carpet cleaning in Manchester team are the ones to ask, so get in touch!